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HomaGSM™ Overview

HomaGSM™ is a home automation system, which integrates a number of functions such as security, lighting control, heating and cooling, and garden sprinkler controls into one system. The system has been designed from the ground up with the topology of "ease of use" and seamless integration into the home or office/factory environment. The concept of design, is that once the system has been integrated and setup, only minimal direct interaction with the system is required. HomaGSM delivers a level of transparent integration to the user.

Through an innovative functional model, and a multi source trigger topology, HomaGSM™ transparently allows functions to be controlled and switched without direct user control or interaction. HomaGSM is ideal for homes, holiday houses/units, small offices/factories and shops, providing a high level of automation while reducing the costs of human control thus human error.

The versatile configuration menus enable the system to be programmed to cater to the specific needs of the installation. The depth of programmability is one of the key elements which allows the system to be so powerful and yet adaptable to many applications.

HomaGSM™ incorporates a GSM SMS interface. The interface encompasses a complex multi-command interpreter. This enables SMS messages which contain multiple complex commands to be sent to the unit.

The system caters for user programmable field names and multi level reporting capability via SMS messages supporting up to 6 destination phone numbers. Events are reported via SMS transmission directly to a mobile phone. Status information as well as information relating to any of the 20 output channels can be received as an SMS message and viewed on any SMS enabled mobile phone.

The security system supports 12 zones and incorporates features such as programmable multi-pulse trigger filter, enabling zones which participate in this function to increment a trigger counter. Only when the counter has reached a preset number within a programmed time period will the alarm trigger. This is an effective way of filtering out false alarms from devices such as infra red motion detectors, while maintaining a high level of dependability from the system.

The system consists of two housings. Both are constructed from solid 1mm thick steel sheet metal, providing secure access via the numerous stainless steel allan key fasteners. The control processor is located in one enclosure while the second houses all the main voltage switching devices. The control module is normally mounted in a secure location which has easy user access, while the switch housing is located at a central mains wiring point usually close to the mains switchboard.

HomeGSM has been designed and is built by Inawise Pty Ltd in Australia.


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