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Monitoring Systems



Motor Sports and high performance application impose special requirements on Tyre Monitoring Systems. Systems must be light, robust accurate and able to update at relatively high speed as well as providing the capability to allow for remote telemetry by the pit crew. In particular they must also provide the functionality to cater for fast tyre changes during pit-stops.

The advantages that a Tyre Monitor brings to a race team are significant. A forewarning that a tyre is deflating in a racing environment, at the least can enable the team to execute an early pit-stop and minimise the disruption caused. On the other end of the scale, a Tyre Monitor can save the drivers life.

As a performance tuning tool, by enabling both the driver and the team to closely monitor individual tyre pressure and temperature, it will enable the driver to achieve optimum and balanced warm up cycles, indicate stress points around the track allowing the driver to modify driving technique to optimise tyre life and give the pit crew critical data to allow them to set tyres to an optimum pressure during pit stops.

Everyone knows how critical tyres are in competition. A Tyre Monitor gives the team the data and tools to maximise their performance.

Only STACK TPMS use leading edge SAW technology to provide unparalleled performance and functionality. STACK TPMS is used in a vast variety of motor sports and at many levels including Formula 1 and Nascar.

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