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(Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems)

We believe our TPMS units provide the best price and performance of any TPMS on the market today. Our units combine a number of features and benefits that put us way ahead of the competition.

REPUTATION: Our units are manufactured by Shanghai Baolong Automotive Corporation. Baolong is a leading automotive manufacturer in China supplying OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) products to leading carmakers such as General Motors (USA), Ford and DaimlerChrysler. Unlike other small Chinese manufacturers, Baolong is focused on quality and is able to be price competitive due to volume, efficiency and good design.

PRODUCT RANGE: We have a range of models to cover standard motor vehicles, towing applications where both the vehicle and trailer can be monitored and 4WD specific units where high and low tyre pressure ranges can be selected for off road driving.

SENSOR/TRANSMITTER MODULES: One of the most critical elements to the reliability, durability and accuracy of these systems is the quality sensor/transmitter units. These devices are self-contained micro controllers with pressure, temperature and motion detectors, combined with an RF (Radio Frequency) Transmitter, all powered by a long life lithium battery.

We have two types of modules. The first is designed for sedans and 4WDs. These modules are fitted in place of the valve stem assembly, with the body of the sensor located inside the rim. The units incorporate the tyre air valve. The valve stem body is made of lightweight aluminium, finished with a special anodising process to protect the stem from long term corrosion and oxidisation.

The second type is specially designed for car/trailer applications. In these circumstances the module has to transmit further and has an antenna to increase its transmission potential. To cater for a variety of different wheel sizes and combinations it is strapped inside the wheel with a stainless steel band thereby making it suitable for a variety of vehicles including fifth wheelers.


All modules are sealed to protect them against shock and vibration as well as moisture.

The battery life of our Sensor/Transmitter modules is designed to outlast the life of the tyre. The battery has been designed to last from 4 to 7 years. The long battery life is achieved through intelligent design. While the vehicle is stationary the sensor operates in a power saving mode, only monitoring the tyre pressure every 2 minutes and then transmitting the information to the display unit. When driving, the sensor checks the pressure and temperature every 4 seconds and transmits the data to the display module every 20 seconds. In the event the sensor detects a change in pressure or temperature it will transmit the data to the display module immediately. This system enables the sensor to use minimal battery power while at the same time transmitting problems to the display unit instantaneously.

Our sensor/transmitters are simply the best money can buy!




Alternative products on the market use different sensor configurations. Some have a sensor that is fitted in place of the air filler cap. These enable the battery within the sensor to be replaced, which identifies a shortfall in the product in that they have quite a short sensor battery life. These button cap sensors are vulnerable to damage, especially in 4WD applications where ruggedness is a key consideration. Fitting a product to your vehicle which will make your tyres more susceptible to deflating is not a logical choice. They are also valnerable to theft.

As the button cap sensors have a replaceable battery, this introduces another vulnerability to the design. Moisture and dust can enter the sensor and cause corrosion and premature failure. While the units are easy to replace the cost of replacing all the sensors every couple of years cause many of these systems to give all TPMS systems a bad reputation.


DISPLAY UNIT: Inawise display units simultaneously display the tyre pressure or temperature of all 4 wheels. The unit is powered from the vehicle 12V electrical supply, so no batteries are required. The display can be either connected to a 12V (cigarette lighter) outlet or hard wired into the power loom. The display unit uses little power so the prefered configuration is to have it constantly powered.

In the event of a problem, the display sounds an alarm and highlights the problem. The system is capable of detecting fast leaks of more than 3.7psi over a period of 15 seconds and also slow leaks if pressure drops more than 3.7psi over 10 days. Since tyre pressure varies with temperature the system is intelligent enough to calculate the difference between a low tyre pressure due to low temperature as distinct from low tyre pressure due to an air leak.

The system can also detect and issue warnings if the tyre pressure is too high or the tyre temperature is too high. Both conditions could lead to catastrophic tyre failure.

Other products on the market only display one tyre at a time, or have battery powered display units which require regular replacement. Some units cannot detect leaks but are limited to detection of only low tyre pressures. Other units only monitor tyre pressure and not temperature.

Since the Inawise TPMS is powered from the vehicle's 12V power it can be operated in a "set and forget" fashion. The driver never needs to read the tyre pressures or adjust the unit. In the event of a problem the unit will alert the driver. Alternately the unit can be used as a driving/performance aid by the driver to constantly monitor tyre pressure and temperature.


CHANGING AND SWAPPING TYRES: Inawise TPMS systems have a unique patented transmitter key technology. Each transmitter is matched to a unique identifier key.

The identifier keys plug into the display unit. The location they are plugged into correlates with the representation of that particular tyre on the display. If wheels are rotated on the vehicle, all that is required to set up the display unit is to similarly move the identifier keys. Likewise, if a spare tyre is fitted to the vehicle, all that is required is for the identifier key for that spare tyre to be plugged into the display unit.

This unique feature makes Inawise TPMS units practical and simple to use in real life applications.


RF SIGNAL STRENGTH & ANTENNA: One vulnerability of all Radio Frequency (RF) remote sensor TMPS systems is the integrity of the RF link. In order to ensure the longest possible battery life of the transmitter, the RF output power of the transmitters is kept to a minimal amount. The receiver unit has an antenna that in turn picks up this weak signal. Most systems are designed to work in the "Average" vehicle. Many factors such as the location of the display unit, distance to the tyres, other RF transmitting devices, Electro magnetic noise, the amount of metal around the receiver, all affect how well the Receiver unit receives the signal from the sensors. Most after market tinted windows have a metallic film layer which blocks the RF Signal. Some of our competitors state that their TPMS systems will not work with metallised tinted windows.

The Inawise TPMS will work under all these conditions. All units are supplied with a coaxial wire antenna and the unit specifically designed for car/trailer combination also have antennas on the transmitter modules.

In the situation where a particular vehicle exhibits a poor RF environment the coaxial antenna can be run around the inside of the vehicle or preferably, passed through the firewall and then underneath the vehicle. This will ensure the antenna is effectively located close to the transmitters and away from any shielding and noise sources that the vehicle presents.



A TPMS has many technical and functional aspects to its design. Once these aspects are evaluated it can be seen that the Inawise TPMS incorporates elements of reliability and functionality that make it the best unit on the market. In addition the Inawise TPMS is also one of the most competitively priced units. Our advice is: don't settle for less!












Sensor / Transmitter module for sedans and 4WDs



Sensor / Transmitter module for car/trailer combinations






































The Inawise TPMS
Display Unit for sedans and 4WDs



























































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